I post my drawings here. Sometimes I animate them.

Better late than never? It’s a damn shame I won’t have time to play it now.

This is the reason why I haven’t been active here at all lately. I’ve gone back to Uni and am now really busy with written assignments and reading.

I own 600 games on Steam now. How did this happen…

The mountains looked like this when I went for my morning run today (~7am). 


4th entry in the #dawnofadventure series, FFVII!

50 Posters available here, starting at 16,20 $!

Other entries in the series:
_Secret of Mana
_Link’s Awakening
_Secret of Evermore

Holy shit. 


I finally convinced my sister to make stuff with me! we made kill la kill charms, my sister made Ryuko and I made Mako. They’re so cute! If you’re interested in either you can message me, it’s one for $20 plus shipping, I can change the expressions upon request!

These are so cool! 

Is xiao8 using the Baldur’s Gate logo as his avatar?



Look at this doofus.  

Croissant King

Handsome King

Look at this doofus.  


The advert for Resident Evil 2 on the N64!

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An early ad for Dota 2.